Technical Services

Major Engineering Services

Installation, supervision, technical expertise and commissioning of Major Product Line supplied by Joules Enterprise. This includes comprehensive training to plant personnel regarding the technical aspects of the supplied equipment, products and/or spare parts.

  • Steam Boiler Fabrication, Rehabilitation and Installation

    Fabrication of new steam boilers, assembly of parts and installation on site. Our services also includes testing and commissioning and training of personnel on the proper operation and maintenance boilers.

    For existing boilers, we do hydro-testing and de-sooting of boilers. We also repair refractories and calibration and maintenance of burners.

  • Pumps and Piping Installation and Pipe Insulation

    Installation of pumps and pipes on site which includes valves and fittings for any application such as steam, water, air and other medium. All piping design and installation shall be according to ASME Code. We also do the insulation of pipes for steam lines and many more.

  • Refrigeration and Air-condition Services

    Installation, repair and commissioning of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment and accessories. This includes chillers, compressors, evaporators, condensers, expansion valves and others. Re-processing of systems is done after the repair and installation.

Sales and Design/Eng’g Activities

Joules Enterprise and Engineering Services has been commissioned to perform several projects in the development of conceptual designs for its sales activities and engineering works in various levels of details. The following describes how Joules Enterprise system adapts to fit project requirements.

Concept Design

This stage starts with a general overview of the clients project backgrounds and objectives leading to intensive data gathering and field investigations.

  1. Meeting with Owner and/or Owner’s representative to define the   project requirements such as specifications, buildings, foundations, electrical tie-up, layout, mechanical and other auxiliaries.
  2. Site inspection to determine availability of existing infrastructures and resources and obtain information on Government rules and regulations affecting project implementation.

Concept Planning

This stage shall provide the Owner an opportunity to review and approve Joules Enterprise ’s concept design prior to proceeding of sales proposal and detailed design. The documents to be submitted are as follows:

  1. Concept Plans and Brochures

    These shall contain sufficient information relative to the owner’s requirement on   equipment layout, specifications, schematic diagrams and equipment description.

  2. Cost Estimates

    Aside from the equipment cost, there shall be a budgetary estimate for all other part of the project within a defined construction cost limitation. Example:

    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Civil/Structural, etc.

Proposal and Detailed Engineering:

After approval by the owner of the concept, Joules Enterprise and Engineering Services then prepare the proposal for the equipment sales and after the acceptance thereof shall  prepare the detailed engineering for construction implementation. The following shall be submitted to the owner:

  1. Basic documents
  2. Complete engineering drawings in electronic files (ACAD).
    Ex. Civil/Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, etc.
  3. Complete Technical Specifications
  4. Design Calculations
  5. Cost Estimates Supported by Bill of Materials
  6. Complete Tender Documents.
  7. Schedule of Activities.